"For The Love of Music"

Born in 1960, multi-instrumentalist. started out on Guitar 1972, Bass  1983, Keyboards 1984, Classical flute Dec 07, Soprano Sax May 08, Violin March 2010,  Alto Sax October 2011,   Mandolin August 2012,  Digital Piano September 2012, various percussion, vocals.

BandAMP has been a great learning tool for songwriting, the community here is the best I know for Musicians wanting to improve bringing out the best of their abilities.

Above all I'm having so much fun creating new music and being part of the BandAMP community.  "LONG MAY IT CONTINUE"


Is there any body out there!

April 26th, 2014 + 8:04 AM  ·  Denis

In the seven years I've been a member here, I've never noticed a blog facility on your home page.
I wonder if anyone will read this?
Any way if anyone has anything interesting to say about anything list it here.....

text problem

April 11th, 2016 + 3:04 PM  ·  Denis

You can only add approx one line to a thread, any more any it just does not upload

Celtic Rangers

April 14th, 2015 + 5:04 PM  ·  Denis

It's been too long since I created something new - 18 months.
This may sound easy, but the fingering is tricky.
Recorded this with logic pro x for the first time - it is very sensitive, it was picking up noise from the fan on my mac and the street, so much so had to use adobe audition noise reduction.  I think I will go back to Cubase, but I'll have to buy the latest version as Cubase 5 is not supported on the mac os I'm on

It's Swordies Birthday

March 26th, 2015 + 3:03 PM  ·  Denis

Hope you are having a great day.
You are one of bandAMPS originals, always there, adventurous, humoures, inspiring.
Cheers me ol mucker

BandAMP Music Video Collab

March 2nd, 2015 + 3:03 PM  ·  Denis
Those of you who are taking part in the above thread or want to take part need to get their cameras rolling NOW!
PX has sent me his shoot and recording, I need you all to get your fingers out and do this! come on all you need to do is set a date to shoot it and then practice - you don't need more than a week,  if me and PX can do it so can you.
So what do you say, don't chicken out or come up with pathetic excuses, bite your lip, get your head down and give it your best shot!
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One Chord Challenge

February 28th, 2015 + 1:02 PM  ·  Denis

Just goes to show, doesn't it

Category: The Pit
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